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I Hadn't Really Lived Until...

I got up close and personal with an elephant trunk...

On a recent visit to the Elephant Cafe in Livingston, Zambia, I had the mind blowing experience of hanging out with three massive bull elephants named Bob, Dan and Matanda. Very keen on the snacks provided to us to bribe them to hang with us, they accepted our presence and offerings with practiced nonchalance, but should you slow up on the stuffing of trunks, they were quick to remind you with a probing, snaking, nibbling, powerful trunk...a subtle reminder they could crush me like a bug if they so chose.

But hey, I had treats. They let me live.

What's your story? I want to know!! Send me photo if you have it, and your story in 250 words or less, and if it floats my boat and blows my hair back, I'll add it to my collection and you win a Travelling Book Society copy of my book, Each Wind That Blows!

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