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Welcome to Tales From The Treehouse, where I get to indulge one of my favorite forms of writing, the writing of letters, and use some of the photos I've taken along the way...it was a format developed as I worked over various ideas with my editor at a soon to be published Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Magazine. The idea is to keep it short and to the point. You will be the judge....

February 15, 2018

 A Word on the Impossible Charm and Pizzazz of the Pangolin

Dear Daniel, 

Never mind Vespas, I want a pangolin. Not nearly as practical but twice as cute. For yes, to my great surprise, something covered in scales can be every bit as cute as a fluffy kitten or a plump po...

February 1, 2018

A Word on the Sound of Children Playing

Dear Daniel,

I just came in from coffee on our half finished deck overlooking the river. Lots of activity today, people wandering to the river from the nearby village to catch a canoe across and then wander off to the boma, probabl...

January 30, 2018

A Word on the Strength of Women and Water

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for sending the Tischendorf piece my way, it’s a fascinating story. I’m having a gas while it’s kicking my butt as I wrestle with this myriad of details and fun facts. He had to have possessed an extraordin...

January 17, 2018

A Word on the Lure of the Vespa and The Power of Dreams

Dear Daniel,

So you thought I’d balk at writing about Vespas? How extraordinairy and au contraire, ma Cherie! And to make my point, I need only share with you a now obscure blog I wrote many moons ago, if not in a f...

January 11, 2018

A Word On Rats, Bats and Treehouses

Dear Daniel,

There were Wildebeest in our orchard last night.

(Now there’s a line I never thought I’d write, but I rather enjoyed it now that I have.)

Off the cusp that’s really cool and fun, but as was pointed out to me in a fashion tha...

January 5, 2018

A Word On Dryers and Lint Balls 

Dear Daniel,

Actually, I don’t have a literal treehouse yet, but I will someday soon, I'm told, and in the meantime, I have come to realize that both my home in the US and my borrowed cottage here do a fine impersonation of a treehouse, s...

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