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 Torchlight Training


Home of Susannah's journey in Classical Horsemanship. Classical Horsemanship is a distinctly european tradition, an equestrian philosophy developed over centuries by the horsemen and women of Europe, a blend of knowledge initially coming out of the cavalry and the royal schools of equitation, where it was considered an art form and a spiritual quest on the path of personal enlightenment. Susannah's book on the subject is available here.

Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly

Susannah is the author of Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly. Fenella is a lavishly illustrated fairytale for children of all ages (including adults) in the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen. A story about facing and embracing your worst fears, about unconditional love, and how sometimes, the worst thing that happens to you, can be the best thing that ever happens to you. Illustrated by Ditte K. Gade. Fenella is available in print, as an eBook and on audio CD. Listen to the Fenella Audio CD, read by Susannah with music by Grammy nominee, Dave Alexander, and keep up with all things Fenella. Both books and CDs can be purchased here.

The Travelling Book Society

Have book, will travel? Want to be part of something fun, feel generous? Want a two for one deal? Buy a book, get and give a travelling book and then receive updates on it's journey and check back on it here to see where it has been and where it might go.  Purchase your own copy of Each Wind That Blows using the code TBS and receive a ten percent discount on your copy plus one  free - a book to give away and watch it travel, perhaps in ways no one ever expected!

 DoTerra Essential Oils


For someone who was utterly unimpressed with essential oils in the past, Susannah fell for these oils hard and fast. They are only collected from plants grown in their indigenous countries and that may be what makes the difference. No synthetics, and held to a third party standard of quality unequalled in the industry. They actually work and do what they say they are going to do. Check it out, you might like them! And if you pay just a one time $10 fee to become a Preferred Member, you buy everything at wholesale prices. No strings, no minimum purchases. No nothing. See website for details ( to become a Preferred Member just click Join in top right corner).

The Katika Nuru Project


Susannah’s passion project devoted to our natural world and those who safeguard it. Inspired by Susannah's very personal story about her first Horseback Riding Safari in Kenya in March of 2012, the project sadly did not take off as planned, but the silver lining must be that the material collected on behalf of the project will now be put to good use by the Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust. The Katika Nuru website will no longer be accessible after July 9th, 2018.

SC Torchlight Photography


This is where Susannah uploads some of her photos. Susannah has always been interested in photography, but her many other interests ( chiefly horses!) got in the way of pursuing this interest. With her trips to Africa, however, and some new equipment, this interest is taking on a bit of a life of its own. So much to learn, so little time...

Other Websites Relating to Susannah


Infinite Possibilities with Mike Dooley


As of January 2015, Susannah is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. To learn more about how this came about, please see story on the Announcements page. To learn more about Mike Dooley and his books and organization, please go to





Cur-OST All Natural Anti Inflammatory for Humans and Animals


For her horses, dogs and herself, Susannah chose the all natural remedy Cur-OST to help combat inflammation and arthritis and she liked the results so much she signed up as a distributor for that, too, in order to provide the product with ease to friends and clients. So far, the results speak for themselves!


Please use Susannah's name in the box provided at check out so they know who sent you.






The Foundation for Classical Horsemanship


As a devoted dressage rider and trainer, Susannah on occasion rides for the Foundation for Classical Horsemanship.


The Foundation for Classical Horsemanship was founded by a group of people (Including Susannah's mentor, Stephanie Millham) who have spent their lifetimes involved with horses as owners, breeders, riders and trainers on an international level.The purpose behind The Foundation for Classical Horsemanship is to educate those interested in learning about the history, theory, principles and techniques of classical dressage.


Offbeat Safaris


Offbeat Safaris is the company that Susannah has ridden with in Kenya twice now, inspiring The Katika Nuru Project and her books, Seeds of Change and Each Wind That Blows. It's impossible to say too much good about this company and the people behind it, so please take a look for yourself. Offbeat Safaris offers safaris on horseback, in vehicles and can custom tailor a safari to your needs. They also let cottages by the sea and more...





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