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Welcome to

Fig Forest Wood Works


Living in North Carolina, I am surrounded by forests (including a fig forest at home) and wonderful artists and artisans inspired by the natural beauty of wood. I meet people who make beautiful objects and furniture from the fallen trees all around us, or re-purpose old doors and furniture they come across, or that just need a place to sell their raw lumber and slabs, and I decided to create a place to do just that.


I’ll also sell whatever fun stuff I may come across that I think needs a helping hand in it’s re-homing! So the inventory should be eclectic and surprising, and things that fill me with joy, and ideally, will do the same for you...

I am only the facilitator of the sale, on a commission basis. I do not store, handle or ship.


I also offer several services, the Lumber Finder - give me 48 hours to see if I can find the raw materials you are looking for - and the Craftsman Finder - give me 48 hours to see if I can find someone to build you that tailor made piece of furniture. 

My main objective is simply to help spread the word via Facebook and Instagram, and beyond if necessary. Visit my Facebook page below to see what's currently up for grabs and for information on products and services.  

For payment and shipping options, please contact us directly here. 

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