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This is where we get to brag on the nice things readers have said over the years about Susannah's work. Just in case you were wondering if anyone had said anything nice. Because you know we won't tell you the other stuff. Not that there is other stuff. But, you know, if there was. Other. Stuff. Oh never mind!

Each Wind That Blows


Amazon Five Star Review:"This is a journey of the most wonderful kind. It will cause you to look inward and perhaps take a closer look at yourself. I read it and it has been unsettling to say the least. She has a unique perspective on spirituality. While there are absolutely no comparisons between her story and mine, she cemented what I already knew. I am now such a fan of this awesome lady. "


"I LOVE your book. Your writing is beautiful. I feel as if I am transported there and in the journey with you! You have a gift, it is beautiful and I am so enjoying it." K.P.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your heart and soul! It was an honor, and as I just finished reading, my heart is full, but truly no words..."D.S.


"I just finished reading your spellbinding magical use of language. I was moved and awe-struck. Not only do you re-create the experience giving it life, you also lead the reader into your beautifully inspired thoughts and feelings in a most personal, intimate way that one cannot help but be filled with admiration for your sensitive insights. You do take one on a journey to some unusual and desireable places. The section about your first encounter with Libra and your questions about what it is about the horse are wonderful. "Why is it that regents throughout history have always wanted to be depicted on a horse?" And where you go from there is just splendid." A.V.








Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly


“"FENELLA" is a wonder. A unique concept brilliantly brought to life with vivid, enchanting illustrations and an engrossing story told with unusual mastery of language. Each word is chosen with the care of a tightrope walker placing his feet. Perfect for a child who can read. Perfect for an adult to enjoy while reading to a child. "Fenella" is an amazing work, an instant classic, certain to endure the test of time. No home should be without "Fenella." A.D.V.


"Fenella The Fairy" is destined to become as famous as "The Ugly Duckling", "The Emperor's New Clothes", and "The Princess and the Pea" let me assure you. I sincerely hope Susannah publishes further stories in the future. If they're half as good as this, my credit card will be waiting. R.B.


I love reading these kinds of books as a parent because the writing is rich with vocabulary and images, plus when the girls saw the illustrations, they were intrigued.


Lavishly and beautifully illustrated...


...enjoyable to older and younger audiences.


Absolutely a wonderful children's book!


The illustrations are magical and the message...will be carried for a lifetime.


...well thought out story...very young very old adults...


...will naturally create repeat performances ad infinitum!


This book has provoked the most interesting conversations I have had with my kids...


...the sweetest book I have come across...


...underlying message of persistence and subsequent success will be lasting...


I appreciate the amount of detail that went into the book...the font...multi-colored pages...decorative touches.


Received your package today and your book is *wonderful* or I should say *wonder-filled*, beautiful story and graphics! Your book is gorgeous inside and out…




Feedback/Reviews on Other Work by Susannah


Love your article in Horses for Life!!! Outstanding job. I am a nature writer fan, and you can certainly hold your own with some of my favorites." J.W.


"Just finished your article in Horses for LIFE! Wow, you have done it again, amazing! You have such a gift for making the reader feel as if they are right there with you taking in the sights, sounds, smells and all encompassing energy. This is something I have wanted to do for a few years, on my "bucket list" so to speak, so thank you for sharing your memorable experience, beautiful photos and for cementing for me that I WILL do this one day! " S.B.

"Brilliant blog." C.S.E.

."..well written and poignant article." A.S.W.

"...wonderfully written and right to the point!" B.B. 

"What a phenomenal piece." E.A.

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