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The Equestrian Vision Workshop

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What's Your Equestrian Dream?

Your Best Equestrian Life, Now!

Combining the elements and structure of the Vision Workshop with the unique questions and challenges facing equestrians today, the Equestrian Vision Workshop is tailor made to help participants define and decide for their particular equestrian dream, however big or small. The same principles that apply to dream and life building apply to the equestrian endeavor, a  concept that Susannah herself has spent her life practicing and embodying. 

The Equestrian Vision Workshop is for anyone who is interested in horses, whether an avid competitor, trail rider, breeder, Olympic hopeful or somewhere in between any of these. Applying the spiritual laws and principles that govern our world to any part of our life makes any path taken clearer and challenges simpler to overcome. The workshops provide clarity and understanding as well as tools for coping with issues of  fear, uncertainty and procrastination. 

The Equestrian Vision Workshop is ideally suited for barns, clubs and organizations looking to put on a fun, educational and inspiring event for their members. That said, as with The Vision Workshop, it could just be in someone's living room. All we need are five paying participants or more, people who love horses and are looking to live their Best Equestrian Life, Now. 

For more on Vision Workshops, please visit the Vision Workshop page. 

If you're interested in registering for a workshop, please see Events page for upcoming dates.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Susannah at or text ‘EQUESTRIAN WORKSHOP’ to (828) 817 4997 and you will be contacted promptly. Hosts participate in workshop for free. Minimum of five paying participants required, but there is no upward limit!

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