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Hello and Welcome to my 'landing page'. I have quite a few different irons in the fire, each with their own website, so this is where I gather them all up and try to make it simple for you to find what you are looking for. So look around and thank you for stopping by.

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Why Life Coaching?

Helping You Grow Into Your Dreams 

Everyone once in a while, we all need to hit the pause button, take stock and regroup. Take a closer look at where we are experiencing longing and discontent, discover the corresponding dream, then define and determine what action steps we may take to start our journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life. It’s not always an easy task to accomplish on our own, we are too close to the trees and too enmeshed in the frame of the very picture we are trying to pull into focus.


That’s where DreamBuilder workshops and life coaching come in, creating a sacred space within which we may dream big, dig deep and rediscover a sense of purpose and joie de vivre in taking the steps that will bring us to the life seeking to emerge from within us.

Based upon the teachings of Life Coach and mentor, Mary Morrissey of The Life Mastery Institute, the DreamBuilder Program has been forty years in the making and is a reliable, proven and repeatable system of spiritual and practical principles that grounds the mind while uplifting and empowering the spirit.

In writing Each Wind That Blows, Susannah sought to understand not only the challenges of life, but the powerful spiritual influences that had shaped her thus far. In discovering the DreamBuilder Program, Susannah realized its profound resonance with her own book was another wake up call, and that the program in fact provided the iceberg under the tip she had experienced and her book described.


In becoming a DreamBuilder Life Coach, Susannah found a well-structured and proven path to travel and share with others. Susannah provides One-on-One and group sessions as well as the popular DreamBuilder Vision Workshops.

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