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I Hadn't Really Lived Until...

The Elephant Who Charged Me....(and about dozen others)

Looks nice, yes? Horse and rider peacefully communing with handsome African elephant, horse lazily swishing at flies, you can all but hear the birdsong and gentle breeze rustling the dry grass....but in the next frame, that friendly looking giant charged us full on, scattering us like hens before the fox, only to stop and turn, trundling off like only a satisfied elephant can was brilliant, it was fun, and it left us laughing our heads off. Perhaps that was not the intention?

What's your story? I want to know!! Send me photo if you have it, and your story in 250 words or less, and if it floats my boat and blows my hair back, I'll add it to my collection and you win a Travelling Book Society copy of my book, Each Wind That Blows!

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