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  Where I get to muse about my travels, such as they are....and write about some of the fun places I've visited, that you might want to visit, too. This page is a cornucopia of all I decide to add under the blog concept, in chronological order,but you will also find dedicated pages under the main blog button above.

  The primary Torchlight Travel Blog pieces you will find in the top right feed.

  Tales from the Treehouse is a concept I've been playing with while developing a travel diary with the editor of a Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Magazine I've been writing for, (as yet in development.) 

  You will also find excerpts from my book, Each Wind That Blows, and the "I Hadn't Really Lived Until..." is where I collect moments that mattered to me and others but maybe don't merit a full length story.What's yours? I want to know!(And you might win a book.)

April 25, 2018

- An Excerpt from my memoir,  Each Wind That Blows

When I was but a wee little girl, a blue eyed towhead of some four or five years of age, I asked my mother what my father looked like.

This was a startling and discomfiting question for my mother, who immediately swung i...

April 13, 2018

Excerpt from Each Wind That Blows

We come out of the valley at a walk to find a horseman’s dream of a plain stretch out before us. Flat, open, grass clipped short by hungry teeth. It’s on our way and we mean to cross it. If I know Tristan at all by now, it will be at sp...

April 8, 2018

The silk of an immature corn cob caught my eye...

 Prettily beaded in morning dew, sparkling in the early morning light. And I marvelled at the beauty of something so simple, so unassuming, and wondered what else I missed of the beauty of Creation, day in, day out....

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This is Africa

June 7, 2018

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